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Product intro and specs

VAPORESSO has established itself as a leading vaping brand, known for high-quality, innovative products across multiple categories. Building on the success of earlier models like the LUXE Q2 and Q2 SE, they have now released the LUXE X PRO – the next generation of their popular LUXE X line.

As an upgrade to last year’s LUXE X and LUXE XR, the LUXE X PRO is an advanced all-in-one pod system. It features a sizable 1500mAh integrated battery and new, large 5mL capacity pods. While the coils are built into the new pods, the device remains compatible with LUXE XR pods and replaceable GTX coils, providing flexibility.

Available in 7 stylish colors, the feature-packed LUXE X PRO pod mod can be yours for the very reasonable price of just $39.99 from eightvape. VAPORESSO continues to impress with solid, affordable vaping options like this latest LUXE model.



The compact yet powerful LUXE X PRO measures 99.1mm x 32mm x 23.4mm. It features a long-lasting 1500mAh battery with max output of 40W. The large OLED screen clearly displays vaping data.

This advanced pod system includes both 5mL and TPD-compliant 2mL pods. It takes the innovative LUXE X series pods with built-in coils, as well as remains backwards compatible with LUXE XR pods and replaceable GTX coils.

The LUXE X PRO supports fast charging through the Type-C port. A full recharge takes only 1.5 hours with the included 1.5A charger.

With its extensive battery life, flexibility, and max 40W power delivery, the LUXE X PRO packs impressive performance into its slim, pocket-friendly design. The specs make it a versatile, future-proof pod mod with broad appeal.

Kit contents

The LUXE X PRO kit contains everything needed to start vaping:

– 1 x LUXE X PRO battery mod
– 1 x 0.4ohm mesh pod (5mL)
– 1 x 0.6ohm mesh pod (5mL)
– 1 x Type-C charging cable
– 1 x User manual and warranty card
– 1 x Reminder card

With the two mesh pod options, vapers can experience both a restricted direct lung hit from the 0.6ohm pod and fuller vapor production from the 0.4ohm pod. The included Type-C cable provides fast 1.5A charging.

Between the mod, pods, manual, and accessories, LUXE X PRO buyers get a complete setup ready for use straight out of the box. The kit offers exceptional value for the affordable price.

Build quality and design


The LUXE X PRO has a substantial feel and look for a pod system, with dimensions more akin to a compact vape mod. The rectangular device measures 100g, feeling sturdy and durable in hand.

The primarily colorful panel has clear sides that accentuate the main color tone. Like the LUXE XR, the colors are full-body except for a small section. The classic yet modern aesthetic is offered in 7 color options – the blue version I tested showed no signs of chipping.

There are three tactile buttons – the main fire/on-off button above the screen, plus up/down adjustment buttons below. The no-frills black and white screen displays key vaping data including wattage, puff counter, and percentage battery meter.

Overall, the LUXE X PRO delivers robust build quality and an appealing, ergonomic design. The construction seems reliable for regular use, and the 7 color variations provide style options to suit any vaper.

Getting started

The LUXE X PRO strikes a balance as a semi-advanced pod system suited for direct lung vaping, while remaining flexible for MTL with compatible coils. It’s easier to use than the advanced XR MAX yet more feature-packed than basic pods.

Operation is straightforward:
– Press fire button 5 times to turn on/off
– Press fire + down to reset puff counter
– Press fire + up to toggle smart mode on/off
– Press fire 3 times to lock device

Smart mode prevents overpowering coils. Adjustments are made with up/down buttons when unlocked.

It includes two built-in coil pods:
– 0.4ohm mesh (DL)
– 0.6ohm mesh (DL)

For more options, XR pods work with 5 interchangeable coils (0.4-1.2ohm). See my XR MAX review for details.

The side air slider adjusts airflow from MTL to DL. For the included coils, halfway open is ideal.

Filling is easy – remove the bottom plug to access the fill hole. The tinted pod makes checking juice level difficult though. Overall, besides the pod tint, the LUXE X PRO delivers an excellent user experience for beginners and experts alike.


When it comes to vape devices, coil performance is critical. Having tested many coils in VAPORESSO’s LUXE line, the MTL options generally deliver the most satisfying vape for me.

The LUXE X PRO comes with two DL coils:

– 0.4ohm mesh: Best at 32W, provides solid flavor and coil life. I found it slightly more powerful than the 0.6ohm.

– 0.6ohm mesh: Best at 26W, good flavor and durability but lacks the punch I prefer for DL.

While enjoyable, the included coils didn’t quite meet my DL needs. Based on experience, the compatible 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm MTL mesh coils offer the best performance on these devices, though not included here.

Overall, the coils deliver good quality and longevity. If you enjoy a lower power DL vape around 30W, the LUXE X PRO will likely impress you. But for a truly great MTL draw, I’d suggest picking up the XL-series replacement coils.

Battery life and charging

The 1500mAh battery delivers solid performance, though DL vaping may require mid-day charging. Testing showed a max charge rate of 1.31A via USB-C – slightly lower than the rated 1.5A but reasonable. A full charge took about 77 minutes.

While a bit slow compared to some pods, it’s understandable given the large battery size. The estimated capacity is 1340mAh – an overstatement but exceeds the ~1200mAh expected based on the 1500mAh rating. Devices often overrate by 20%, but this measured higher.

Charging displays a countdown from 60 minutes, showing full around 54min/1200mAh but continuing to charge until complete at 77min/1340mAh. So leave it plugged in past the initial “full” reading. Passthrough vaping is supported for continued use while charging.

The battery life is ample for MTL use but expect possible top-ups for heavier DL use. The charge rate is acceptable considering the capacity, though faster would be ideal. Overall, solid performance but room for improvement on charge speed.


VAPORESSO nailed it with the LUXE X PRO, improving on the X/XR with handy additions like adjustable airflow and an informative display. It feels like a streamlined take on their advanced LUXE XR MAX.

The ample 1500mAh battery delivers excellent power for an on-the-go DL vape without being bulky. It provides satisfying direct lung hits from 30-40W – perfect for fans of this wattage range. For MTL, compatible pods and coils enhance the experience.

Overall, the LUXE X PRO hits the sweet spot for an easy-to-use, versatile pod mod with fantastic battery life. It’s a great compact everyday vape for DL and MTL alike.

Experience the LUXE X PRO yourself and lock in the great price of just $39.99 at today! Let me know how you enjoy the latest impressive pod system from VAPORESSO.

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