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BECO Plush Disposable

Product intro and specs

The BECO Plush disposable vape from Becovape aims to deliver satisfying flavor in a user-friendly format. As part of the reputable Vaptio brand, Becovape brings quality engineering to its vape lineup.

The Plush provides an easy loose MTL draw through its 1.0-ohm mesh coil atomizer. Dual adjustable airflow boosts vapor production for fuller clouds. With a massive 800mAh battery, it’s rated for an impressive 8000 puffs.

Each Plush holds 16mL of 50mg/mL nic salt ejuice and comes in 12 tantalizing flavors like Berry Lemon, Mango Peach Pineapple, and Fresh Mint. It’s the perfect grab-and-go companion.

Pricing and availability for the Becovape BECO Plush disposable will be announced soon at Known for great deals on vape gear and juice, is the go-to online shop for hot new releases.

Does the BECO Plush have what it takes to be your next all-day vape? Visit soon to find out!


The Becovape BECO Plush disposable pod packs an impressive lineup of features into a slim, pocket-friendly format.

Each Plush holds a massive 16mL of 50mg/mL nicotine salt ejuice to keep you fueled up for the day. Power comes from an 800mAh internal battery, providing up to 8000 satisfying puffs.

When it’s time to recharge, the handy USB-C port makes juicing up a breeze. And at just $XX.XX from, the affordable Plush offers tremendous value.

Kit contents include:

– 1 x BECO Plush Disposable Pod

With its generous ejuice capacity, long-lasting battery and budget-friendly price, the BECO Plush aims to deliver an ideal grab-and-go experience. Pick one up at today and enjoy premium performance with every puff!

Size, look, and feel

The Becovape BECO Plush stands out with its refined, retro-inspired design that feels more mature than typical disposable vapes.

Weighing 70g, the Plush has a noticeable but comfortable heft. The C-frame exterior and “eco-leather” grip bring to mind stylish electronics from the 80s. Muted colors evoke the flavor profiles while avoiding childish aesthetics.

While a bit heavy for dangling use, the quality materials provide a satisfying in-hand feel. The Plush resembles a miniature box mod more than a toy-like disposable.

Beyond looks, the size and weight signal ample battery capacity for lasting performance. And the textured grip ensures comfortable, slip-free handling.

Fans of mature, sophisticated devices will appreciate the BECO Plush’s thoughtful aesthetics. Becovape manages to deliver refinement and quality not typically expected from a disposable pod. The retro-inspired Plush proves that convenience doesn’t have to mean cheap materials and cheesy designs.

Getting started

Getting started with the Becovape BECO Plush couldn’t be simpler. Just open the package and start vaping – no charging or setup required.

While a USB-C charging cable isn’t included, the Plush is rechargeable for extended life. New devices come fully charged, but plugging it in out of the box can’t hurt to verify.

If the activation light glows blue when connected, the Plush still has some charge capacity remaining. Otherwise, it’s ready to provide instant satisfaction.

The fuss-free operation makes the BECO Plush ideal for new vapers and anyone who prioritizes convenience. No buttons, instructions or waiting around – just instant, satisfying vapor production the moment you crack open the box.

Between the pre-charged battery and draw-activated firing, Becovape streamlines the user experience. The BECO Plush embodies the true grab-and-go nature vapers expect from a disposable pod device.

How does it hit?

The BECO Plush delivers a smooth, quiet loose MTL draw that produces surprisingly dense vapor clouds for a disposable.

Its 1.0-ohm mesh coil generates a consistent, satisfying hit. While tighter than standard pods, the draw is airier than expected. Vapers used to a strict MTL may need to adjust their technique to get the best performance.

Remarkably, the loose draw doesn’t make the high 50mg/mL nicotine overly harsh. The throat hit feels present but not overpowering. Each puff provides full-bodied vapor with no cough-inducing harshness.

There is some slight inconsistency in the airiness of the draw between devices. But overall the BECO Plush strikes an impressive balance – loose enough for ample vapor production yet smooth enough for high nic satisfaction.

Fans of airier MTL vaping will appreciate the BECO Plush’s unique approach. Becovape manages to deliver a draw that is loose yet smooth, striking the ideal balance for flavorful, cloudy hits from a convenient disposable pod.

BECO Plush best flavors

Cherry Lemon – A mouthwatering mix of tart lemon and juicy cherry. The natural cherry taste paired with medium-high cooling creates a delightful, pucker-inducing flavor.

Peach Ice – Sweet, aromatic peach that avoids candied notes. The accurate peach flavor combines with a healthy dose of cooling for a stellar interpretation of this popular profile.

Sakura Grapes – Sweet, juicy grapes meet subtle floral notes, finishing with moderate coolness. A beautifully crafted blend of fruits and florals.

Cherry Pomegranate – Bold cherry notes shine through this sweet-tart blend. Well-executed combination of fruits that play off each other smoothly. High icy finish.

Lime Mojito – Bright, zesty lime and refreshing mint captures cocktail flavors without the booze. Sweet yet tart with a fun, sophisticated personality.

Cuba Tobacco – Remarkably accurate sweet, dry tobacco evoking aromas of a fine cigar. Slight vanilla in the mix enhances the cigar experience.

Fresh Mint – A solid, cool mint profile as expected. Hard to go wrong with mint, and this delivers as a palate cleanser.

Mango Peach Pineapple – Peach and pineapple taste great, but green mango somewhat overpowers. Flavor improves over time, but not a favorite.

The BECO Plush flavors avoid artificial, boring notes common in disposables. Becovape crafted juices with complexity and real character worthy of reusable devices.

How long do they last?

The generous 800mAh battery and 16mL ejuice capacity of the BECO Plush translate to impressively long real-world usage.

During testing, the battery consistently lasted over a full day of moderate vaping. And the ample juice supply kept pace with the long battery life. Even after one recharge, the Plush continued performing thanks to the remaining ejuice.

Compared to similarly sized disposables, the Plush provides substantially longer lifespan between both battery and juice. Vapers can depend on this pod to deliver lasting satisfaction.

Charging the internal battery takes around 90 minutes via USB-C when needed. The blue indicator light shows charging status, turning off once complete. Pass-through vaping is not supported.

While not the fastest charge time, it’s a small trade-off considering the excellent battery capacity. The BECO Plush is designed to minimize the need for frequent recharging in the first place.

Between its 800mAh battery and 16mL ejuice reservoir, Becovape engineered the Plush as an ultra long-lasting disposable. Vapers can enjoy carefree all-day use knowing this pod will go the distance.

Pros / Cons


– Sturdy construction with comfortable hand feel

– Airy mouth-to-lung draw provides a smooth vaping experience

– Flavorful e-liquids deliver robust taste

– Fast-heating 1.0 ohm mesh coil produces dense vapor

– Large 800 mAh battery lasts through extended vaping sessions

– 16mL e-liquid capacity means less frequent refilling

– Performs well even with long, slow draws


– Lacks pass-through charging capability

– Relatively heavy weight compared to similar devices


The BECO Plush disposable vapes are quite good overall, with their biggest quirk being the looser-than-expected mouth-to-lung draw. Most disposables on the market, even those with adjustable airflow, are optimized for a tight MTL inhale. The BECO Plush differs by having an airier draw that lends itself better to moderately sized hits rather than quick puffs.

So if you don’t mind a more open MTL vape, the BECO Plush is hard to top. The flavors are well-executed, the construction is solid with a nice hand feel, and the battery lasts for approximately two charge cycles. However, BECO Plush disposables are more expensive than competitors. While they seem at least twice as good as many other disposables I’ve tried, the 2x price premium may be difficult to justify depending on your vaping budget. The value proposition will come down to your individual priorities and financial situation.

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